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Between Two Worlds, Gwaii Haanas

“... the Haida lived primarily at and on the surface of the sea: in boats and in the intertidal zone. They lived in intimate familiarity with that membrane, sometimes savage, sometimes calm, through which grebes and harbour seals and killer whales, harpoons and halibut lines and paddles vanish, refract and reappear. This membrane, called xhaaidla in Haida, stretches skin-tight and resonant over everything in the world of Haida myth. It is the surface of the sea, the land, the sky: the skin of the world, through which black bears pass as they enter their dens, the killer whales as they sound, and the sharp-shin hawks and eagles as they glide behind the mountain. When they cross that boundary and enter their houses, the mythtellers say, the animals take off their feather cloaks or skins. There they appear to one another, and converse with one another, just as we do here among ourselves. They too, in other words, are people.” ~ Robert Bringhurst, The Black Canoe: Bill Reid and the Spirit of Haida Gwaii ... Taken on a Hasselblad with Portra 160 film.
Sale price$150.00 CAD
Between Two Worlds, Gwaii Haanas
Between Two Worlds, Gwaii Haanas Sale price$150.00 CAD