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"After I placed my order, Owen immediately emailed me to thank me, tell me that he would start working on the order the next day, and even offered to personally deliver them to me in Vancouver. He also mentioned that he personally inspects the prints before packing them up, which impressed me as it shows that he cares about his work from beginning to end. He kept me updated on every step of the process and made sure that they were delivered safely and that I was happy with them. Everything was packed neatly and securely so that each print was not damaged in any way. The quality of the photos were incredible to see up close and were so much more breathtaking than the digital versions. I was very happy that I chose dibond as the detail they provided was spectacular. The dibond prints themselves were quite light and easily hung - simply a nail and a hook in the wall immediately after unboxing. Owen also included an extra print along with the certificates as a personal thank you, along with a handwritten note, which was just extraordinary to me (feel free to leave this out if you don't want people expecting free stuff every time haha!).

His artwork adds something so special to my home - the essence of why I love where I live - and I couldn't be happier with them as well as the whole process from beginning to end. I've never had someone be so attentive and personal when it comes to purchasing their work and it's clear that Owen takes a great amount of personal pride in ensuring that his customers know that they are seen, appreciated, and taken care of at every step. 

I was so blown away by the care that he puts into his work that I knew these would not be the last pieces I purchased from him. In December, I emailed him and asked him if he could personally deliver a print to friends that had recently moved into a new home in Tofino as a Christmas gift, which he agreed to without hesitation and at no shipping cost whatsoever - even though he would have to have it delivered from Victoria to Tofino. Owen took the time to contact my friends and delivered it to their home at their convenience, all while keeping me updated on the progress (I'm assuming that this happens haha). He went above and beyond his job during a busy time and made the gift for my friends extraordinarily special.

I am beyond impressed by the care and effort that Owen takes in every aspect of his work and the beauty of his photography. His work, from start to finish, is worth even cent that I paid."

Megan V., Vancouver BC


"Our order arrived perfectly on time and in great shape! We ordered the "Changing Constants" print and it is absolutely stunning! It has been beautifully framed by a local framer and only adds to the depth of colour and detail in the image! Your work is incredible and we will definitely be ordering more in the near future! Thank you so much!"

Kim S., Vernon BC


"I stumbled across one of Owen's photographs while searching online for a sailboat photo (a last minute Christmas gift). I was instantly in love with the photo and knew it would be the perfect gift. I was even more blown away by the breadth of Owen's work when I found his web site. His work captures the beauty and formidable nature of the West Coast like no other photographs I have seen. Owen even did a rush order so my print would arrive in time. I was so thrilled to be able to support a local artist and gift art - much more meaningful than the many other gift options out there. I sincerely look forward to purchasing more of Owen's work in the future - both for myself and for those I love."

Emma K., Vancouver BC